Monday, September 29, 2008

Welcome to Macys AHHHCHOOOOO!

So I have a nasty cold that is not wanting to let go. After being off the last 3 days I was hoping to have it out of my system, but this one wants to hang on. And I don't like it. I am going to try to make it through tomorrow. We'll see.

Friday, September 26, 2008

You Are Kidding Me?

Last year on this day we had a big event called Community Shopping Day. Well we did big sales that day and were up against those numbers today. One of my co workers was informed that they were expected to bring in sales of near $8,000 in a certain area of merchandise. This co worker did not need to hear that and feel that pressure. Things are tough, all around for everyone. When are the higher-ups going to understand and realize that. WE DON'T NEED THAT KIND OF PRESSURE!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What To Say

I've not written for a few days becuase there has been nothing to report. No rants or raves about anything. It has been very quiet at work. The state of the economy is not in the best shape and that has people nervous. We do our best to take care of the customers we have. That is all we can do.

Okay I do have a small rant. The managers I know are under pressure and I do sympathize, but seriously, they need to back the **** off. Okay I get it we are in business to make money but we also have to have some responsibility and not help people into getting into debt. But then again what do I know.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A new week

Well last week was tough. 5 days in a row. It had it's ups and downs. Ended on a high note though. One of my co workers in the Registry Department had me in stitches. We were talking about the upcomng Presidential election and I got Osama and Obama mixed up. Well what she meant to say was "Osama is in a cave somewhere". What came out was "Osama is in a bowl". I don't know why this struck me as funny but it did. I was laughing so hard I was crying, which caused her to do the same. It was a good day. Now when we need a laugh, all we have to think of is Osama Bin Laden in a bowl. Good times.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Visit From SF

So today my Regional came for a visit today. I think it went well. I got some thngs off of my chest which helped. She is understanding. She really listens. Hopefully the things that were brought to the table will help our cause at work.

Don't get me wrong my acting manager of my area is great and she comes to bat for us alot, but I know she can only do so much, and I have must respect for her for that. I am hoping to see some changes in how my area, my immediate co workers in my area, I am hoping that we get treated better by those above us. And I mean above as in the top two floors of the store. Also I mean above as in the other managers in other areas who really have expressed no interest in what Bridal is about.

NOTE- Again I am stating this. I am NOT putting the other managers on blast. I have not mentioned their names.

Thank you

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday Oh Tuesday

Tuesday where I work is like a Monday for everyone else. It amazes me how many people will come in when Mondays and Tuesdays, usually, are the days that are in betweens, the days between sales. When you tell people when the next sale is comng they are either happy or pissed. Then they ask if you can give them the sale price that day. Sorry, not gonna happen.

I worked with Piper today. I love working with her. We get along great. Her coverage was not co ming in till 6pm, which was Prue, who is just a joy to work with...not. Hopefully she will give herself enough rope and hang herself with her negative attitude.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Cast Of Characters

I will only say this once more. I WILL NOT give the names of my co workers to protect the innocent or guilty. And, I WILL NOT give away any company secrets. Sorry not gonna happen. I need my job. This is just a place to vent, or rant and rave. The good and the bad. So now onto the cast of characters, my co workers.

When I say characters I mean it with a great deal of respect. Shakespeare said it best, "Life is a stage and we are mere actors upon it."

The Wedding and Gift Registry Department is made up of 4 people: myself, Caren, Cass, and Crystal. They are a great bunch and I really enjoy working with them.

Now as part of the Tabletop Department we have Paige, Phoebe, Piper, Prue, and Balthazar. (Yeh I am a CHARMED fan so sue me.)

So I have been off the last couple of days and we will see what the week will bring.